Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status
Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status

[WEBINAR RECORDING & Q&A] Getting ready for the Fire Safety England Regulations – Coming Jan 23

[WEBINAR RECORDING & Q&A] Getting ready for the Fire Safety England Regulations – Coming Jan 23

On Tuesday 20th September at 11am we were joined by an expert panel to discuss ‘What’s coming next for Fire Safety’ and the new Fire Safety England Regulations which come into force in January 23.

There were 90 attendees in total and we have had some excellent feedback from the session and lots of requests to view the recording, so if you missed the webinar or wanted to view it again, please see below for the webinar recording.

There were a lot of questions and discussions throughout the webinar and our speakers tried to address all of the questions, (or provided their interpretation of the regulations), below the webinar recording.

We have also provided some links below to resources that you will hopefully find usefull.

The link below to the National Fire Chiefs Council is a useful resource and sets out requirements in a friendly and accessible way.

Please also see a link below to Regulation 10 (especially (4) onwards) of the 2022 Regulations which set out the required frequencies for door inspections and the requirement to keep clear records.

Our speakers are open to comminications with attendees and if you’d like to reach out to any of them, their details are also below the recording.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Propeller’s Fire Door Safety Solution, Prop-FS you can also find this in the link below.

Fire Doors Inspection Software – Propeller Powered


Webinar Recording

[WEBINAR RECORDING & Q&A] Getting ready for the Fire Safety England Regulations – Coming Jan 23


Webinar Speakers




Q. Where can we get the technical guidance for the 20 point check?
A. Please contact Brad


Q. Is this for all flat entrance doors or above 11m & 18m?
A. The regulations are aimed at in-scope buildings, but that’s not to say that you ignore your buildings below scope height.


Q. What qualification(s) would demonstrate competence of a Fire Door Risk Assessor?
A. Its more about competence, if you want to send staff on a bespoke course aimed at fire door inspections then feel free, but there’s nothing laid down in legislation that says you have to have a qualification in fire doors to inspect them. As I said I don’t have any qualifications in fire door inspection, but after 35 years in the sector and a number of professional qualifications I would be deemed as competent.


Q. We are rolling out a 5 point check for non-specialised persons to undertake quarterly – is this the correct approach ?
A. This is a measured approach, fire service are advocating that you don’t require a qualified fire door inspector to look at a fire door in the closed position.
B For the functional inspection I would suggest you look at more competency.


Q. 10% seems far too low for an annual inspection
A. The fire service understand how challenging it maybe for the larger organisations, therefore they will accept what is classed as suitable and sufficient.
B. We only have around 2000 flat entrance doors, but we’re only a small HA, imagine if you had 10,000 doors to inspect, the costs would be enormous and ultimately could be passed on to the resident via the service charge or borne out by the HA.


Q. What about Leaseholders access where they own the door?
A. They are classed as an RP in the FSO, the responsibility sits with them. However, as landlord you would have to work with them. I have also posed this question to FRS.
B. You would have to evidence that you have gone through the consultation process and if this fails then you would have to gain access as it will be classed as a high risk safety issue, similar to gas check.


Q. Do we have 12 months from Jan 23 to implement the annual check?
A. No. my advice is start to consider implementing as soon as you can. They’ve released the info so you can prepare
This is a ‘strict liability’ regulation under A24, e.g. you are required to comply with its requirements, therefore once its in, its in.


Q. What did you learn from the trial on the N.W. tower block you mentioned earlier?
A. Propeller’s Fire Door Safety Solution Prop-FS was very simple to explain to the operatives using the system, instant upload onto clients maintenance database. Fire Service liked the product as it was an additional layer of evidence.


Q. What liability does the door inspector have?
A. Under Article 5 (3) there is some liability attached to the inspector (as there is a fire risk assessor), but under Article 3 would not be ultimately responsible.
B. You would need to ensure they are competent and suitably trained to inspect the doors.


Q. Brad – can you send me the details and costs for the Level 6 training you mentioned earlier please?

Housing LMS


Q. What’s the point in spending a lot of money to become an fdis or equivalent door inspector when your saying you don’t need to?
A. There’s nothing in the FSO or FSER that states you have to be a qualified fire door inspector, what it states is that you need to employ a competent person, that is suitably trained and has the knowledge and experience to conduct the inspection.




Q. Noticed it let you proceed without Photos can you make that a mandatory field?
A. Yes we can make any element mandatory


Q. Can you find the door if the QR code was removed? Or would a new QR be needed?
A. It is a simple process to add new QR code and the system retains all history.


Q. Do you not check the gaps around the door?
A. The checks are customisable to the type of check – yes there are checks which include gaps.


Q. Can you only do fire door checks? Or can you do other compliance checks with the app?
A. With Propeller you can complete any compliance check including the big 6 and also including Gas and Electrical. The system can also be configured for any checks you carry out, e.g. Fire/Smoke Alarms.

Compliance Software for Social Housing Landlords – Propeller Powered

Q. Does this software have API ability with Dynamics ?
A. Yes we have done a number of Dynamic integrations through webservices.


Q. If you’ve attempted to carry out a functional inspection and the customer is not at home (or refuses as not convenient) can you manually add these details to the device so you have a record (even though you could not access the QR code – or the resident refused to have a QR code applied initially) ?
A. Yes


Q. Does the App speak to Orchard Housing Management System?
A. Yes the data collected can go back from the Propeller portal to Orchard.


Q. Can the Propeller software interface with the client side repairs system to track and report on outstanding and completed repairs
A. Yes we have an integration team


Q. GPS tagging for inspections?
A. Yes. The Propeller App does record GPS tags but unfortunately GPS is not particularly accurate technology on doors in a block of flats.


Q. Dave would you recommend all doors including flats doors to have QR code or just communal doors
A. It’s personal preference, its easier to find a flat door than a communal door. We do however have additional functionality with the ability for anyone to scan the QR code and see the door/asset status.



If you would like to register your interest for a pilot project, have a personal demonstration of Propeller’s Fire Door Solution or discuss your current situation in more detail with us, please Contact Us – Propeller Powered

For more information visit Fire Doors Inspection Software – Propeller Powered

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