Gregor Heating Case Study



The Gregor Heating story began over 30 years ago when now CEO Steve Gregor, had a vision to deliver quality plumbing and heating work to the local people of Bristol. Steve’s early dedication to delivering great work, utilising the best products and building lasting relationships has ensured the company’s steady growth over the years and cemented their reputation for delivering a quality service and exceeding customer expectations.

Fast-forward to today and the company now employs 115 people with 80 Engineers who are dedicated to providing customers with a quality installation and maintenance service from trusted Gas Safe registered engineers, electricians and renewable specialists who take real pride in their work.



The company had invested heavily in a bespoke Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, to allow for further company expansion and to comply with newly won social housing contracts. However, they were missing a key contractual element which Dynamics couldn’t provide: a fully integrated, real-time mobile solution that Engineers could use to manage jobs from the road and generate paperwork digitally. Generating paperwork in the traditional sense had become a serious restraint on their business growth.


“Our business model is based on growth and over the years we have enjoyed a healthy growth of the business through Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. We got to a point where we just couldn’t expand any further as it was too far for Engineers to travel to drop off paperwork.” explained Vic Wheeler, Operations Manager.

“Gregor have over 3.5K Private Customers, and complete work for lots of Housing Associations. With Engineers having to come into the office on a Monday morning to drop off paperwork or relying on them sending in the post, paperwork was getting lost and it was taking a two week lead-time from finishing a job to the customer receiving their Certificates before an invoice could be sent out.”

The team were also experiencing issues with the utilisation of Engineers. Vic explained “If Engineers are in the office, it is a dead cost. We had Engineers coming into the office from further afield when they should be out working, never mind the expense for petrol”.

“We had been on the lookout for a new system or about 2 years and hadn’t found what we were looking for. We then looked into developing our own system in-house, which was far too expensive and would have meant a great deal of time input from ourselves, time that we just couldn’t dedicate.”

Realising their need to manage their documents electronically, Vic began the search for a new system at the start of 2015.  “We called and spoke with two other Job Management Companies and explained what we wanted to achieve from the system and with the integration to CRM and neither were able to provide a feasible solution to fit our needs” explained Vic.

Turning to Social Media, Vic started a thread on the ‘Gas Chat’ forum for Gas Engineers on Facebook that they were looking for a new software and explaining what they wanted to do and somebody responded and suggested Propeller.

“We got in touch with Propeller and after our demo we were blown away. It was exactly what we were looking for.” said Vic.



After various meetings and conference calls to understand Gregor’s specific needs and requirements, the development work that was needed to integrate the two systems was scoped out by the Propeller Development team and the API’s were created and implemented within weeks.

“We are very impressed with the way that the Propeller system has been adapted to tightly integrate with our CRM system”, explained Vic. “We raise the job on CRM and it instantly appears on the Propeller App.”

The new integrated system has enabled the team at Gregor to create a job within the CRM system and instantly push that job down to the Propeller App on the Engineers iPad. The Engineer will then complete the job, produce certificates, attach photos etc. and as soon as the job is closed, all of that information is pulled back into the CRM system allowing the Admin team to have instant access to documents and certificates.



The Gregor team are delighted with the results from the new system. No longer is paperwork being lost as it is all saved instantly onto the system. Furthermore, the Monday mornings that Engineers previously had to come to the office to deliver paperwork have also been eradicated completely.

“For our Engineers out on the road, I would say they have been able to save a few hours per week definitely. They no longer have to come into the office and with the usability of Propeller they can fill out documents and Certificates a lot quicker – it’s effortless.

We can now have live updates on jobs and complete jobs quicker meaning we can invoice faster, meaning we get paid faster which has been a definite benefit”. Explained Vic. “It used to take two weeks for us to get documents to clients after finishing a job – now it takes two days which has been a massive efficiency jump.”

The adoption of Propeller has also enabled Gregor Heating to win a new Social Housing contract in Devon which is a new territory for the company. Vic explained, “The adoption of Propeller and the ability for our Engineers to view job history, create instant electronic certificates and collate and store data has been a big milestone for us, and is a big part of the reason we have been successful in winning a new Housing Association contract. Social housing landlords demand efficiency, and they want documents electronically and instantly which we have been able to deliver. For compliance, the sooner they can get the documents the better.”

“For me, I would say the best thing about Propeller has been adaptability. We have realised that Propeller has become a lot more than what we originally intended it for i.e. just electronic certificates. It has enabled us to support wider growth of the business into new regions, win new contracts and really drive efficiency.” Explained Vic.

David Wilson, Operations Director at Propeller commented on the success of the project, “It’s been great to work with the team at Gregor Heating to build them the solution they need, to consolidate and expand upon their successful business. They are a forward-thinking company and it’s great to have a client relationship that continues to grow as the solution expands across the organisation.”

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