KPI & Compliance Dashboards

Propeller’s ground-breaking KPI & Compliance dashboards, designed specifically for Landlords, Contractors and Property Maintenance companies, provide all compliance stakeholders with an unprecedented insight into the real-time situation across the entire contract and property portfolio.

Helping you Close The Loop on Compliance



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Propeller Powered field management and compliance solutions kpi dashboard

Real-time Contract Performance

Propeller contains a host of powerful management reporting capabilities and dashboards to provide deep insight into areas such as compliance, engineer performance, customer satisfaction, access rates, first time fix rates and much more. All job data feeds directly into a KPI dashboard which gives your management team a clear, real-time picture into the overall contract performance from a financial and operational perspective.

Propeller Powered field management and compliance solutions kpi dashboard

24/7 Compliance Visibility

At a time when scrutiny into safety and compliance are at an all-time high, these dashboards provide service managers, compliance managers, directors and board members with direct access into the actual state of compliance and performance across all vital areas including – Gas, Oil, Electrical, Water, Fire, Asbestos and any other relevant area of compliance. Data from each KPI Dashboard is fed into an Overview Compliance Dashboard in real-time meaning issues can be swiftly identified and rectified.

Propeller Powered field management and compliance solutions kpi dashboard

Closing the Loop on Compliance

Propeller’s task management tool means that once compliance risks have been identified, tasks can be raised manually or automatically by specified trigger points, and tracked through to completion by managers to ensure no task gets forgotten or left incomplete. Allocate tasks to staff members, set deadlines and priorities and keep up to date on progress with status updates and audit trailed notes.

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