Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status
Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status

Communications – 2 Way Text Messages

Communications – 2 Way Text Messages


Propeller’s Communications Portal is packed with powerful tools to enable your organisation to send job reminders, servicing reminders, documents and more to your customers and tenants, including additional internal messaging systems.

Now Propeller customers can also take advantage of a two way text messaging functionality, enabling your administrators to quickly and easily respond to numerous text message replies from tenants.

Not only does this new functionality enable you to communicate with customers and tenants directly and cost effectively – this system is proven to reduce missed visits and increase customer satisfaction.


Automatic On-Way Text Messaging

On any visit, an Engineer can press the “On-Way” icon to signal to the administration team that they are now traveling to the associated visit.

By default, this is only to your administration team, however, within your company settings you can enable sending a text message to the tenant/client via the Propeller system when the engineer presses this icon.

Text messages will show as if they were sent from your organisation e.g. Your organisation name in Propeller is “Gas Servicing Company” – this will show as the text message “From” field.

Reply to Text Message

In this same area (Text Message Settings) – you can enable “Allow Customers To Reply to Text Message”.

This allows customers to respond to any text messages sent from your account (e.g. Bulk Communications, Automatic on-way messages). Within this setting, you can select a single or multiple email that these messages are forwarded to.

Note – for this to function, enabling this will show text messages from a number on the receivers mobile, rather than your company name – as such it is suggested your templates mention your company name.


Bulk Communications

There are two external bulk communication options within Propeller:


1. Service Reminders allow you to bulk-send appliance service reminders using a set of filters, for example, all appliances for all properties that are due next month.

Once the required filters have been selected, this will load all the appliances/properties that match the search.

You can then select what you wish to send – emails, letters or texts – and the template you wish to use.

This takes account of the properties GDPR preferences (if a property has opted out of one or all these options), it will not be included in the communication.


2. Job Reminders allow you to bulk-send booked visit reminders to clients. For example, you could use this tool to bulk-send SMS for visits tomorrow.

For more information about setting up and using Propeller’s Communications Portal email or speak to your account manager for an online demonstration.


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