Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status
Compliance Dashboards
You know what you want to report on for your compliance but it’s hard work finding the data, ensuring it’s correct as well as visualising the overall picture, especially when the regulators audit is looming. It’s a common situation and we understand that spreadsheets are often the go-to solution, but they are manual, resource intensive, and there is no audit trail. Propeller’s Compliance Management Solution focusses on bringing all of the information into our interactive Compliance Dashboards meaning you can present to board with ease and with confidence, or drill down into the data to get the transparent detail you require to satisfy the regulator and deliver safer homes.
Contractor Management
It’s your responsibility as a social housing landlord to ensure that your contractors are maintaining your stock and remedial works are being followed through to completion. With Propeller’s Compliance Management Solution you can offer your contractors a whole range of tools such as mobile applications or self-serve portals to ensure that you are in control.
Outcome Management

Managing outstanding actions from inspections or service plans on spreadsheets? Propeller’s Action hub is a place where you can visualise outstanding actions and report on your progress confidently ensuring you close the loop with evidence.

Integration & Data Management
Automating your flow of data to all stakeholders is key to streamlining your operation but also in reducing the risk of incorrect data being presented. Propeller’s integration platform can be configured to send and receive data from multiple sources, often in real-time and with validation, ensuring your reporting is robust.
Integrated Workforce Management Solution
Integrated Workforce Management
Where you undertake your own inspections services or repairs use the Propeller App and the compliance data will feed directly into your dashboards.
Intelligent Scheduling
Model service programmes in advance and unlock ultimate operative performance by automatically allocating work by priority, availability, location, and skill sets.
Asset Tagging & QR Codes
Identify assets using either existing traditional bar code identification or make use of the enhanced functionality of modern QR codes.
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