Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status
Intelligent Scheduling
Propeller Intelligent Scheduling not only enables you to automatically allocate work by priority, availability, location, and skill sets, but will also use machine learning to continually optimise the efficiency of any operation by using data collected from day–to-day use of the Workforce Management Solution. Model service programs months in advance for ultimate operative performance helping you plan your resource or visualize what happens to your schedules if you win a new contract, as well as monitor your costs and carbon footprint from time travelled.
KPI & Compliance Dashboards
Propeller’s Workforce Management Solution contains a host of powerful management reporting capabilities to provide deep insight into areas such as compliance, engineer performance, customer satisfaction, access rates, first time fix rates and much more. All job data feeds directly into customisable role based dashboards which gives your management team a clear, real-time picture into your overall performance.
Asset Tagging & QR Codes

Propeller removes the need to run traditional asset management software along with the associated overheads of cost and time to manage the solution. Propeller now incorporates the ability to identify assets, using traditional bar code identification or QR codes from within our core workforce management system.

Client Access Portals
The Propeller Client Access Portals offers read-only restricted-view access giving your clients the ability to view real-time compliance & contract performance, track progress of works, view property photos, history, certification and run reports. This is a function that time after time helps our clients win new business and promotes transparency and trust between contractor and landlord.
Sub-Contractor Management
At Propeller we understand there are many different ways of delivering a service to your customers, which may involve contracting out some of your work. The key to contractor management is having a system which allows you manage your contractors in a way which works for you. So we offer multiple solution to cover all scenarios. If you want full control over what you contractors are doing in the field, then they can use the Propeller App. If you simply want them to update on their progress, they can have secure access to a web portal to enter the information you need, or, for large scale contracted out works it maybe you want a full integration between your system and theirs with no need for administration resource keying in data. However you choose to run your contractors we have it covered.
Action Hub
Job Costing
SOR Support
Automated Communications
Advanced Finance
Action Hub

One of the key USP’s of Propellers Workforce Management Solution is the ability to manage actions from your servicing and maintenance programs in one place. The Action Hub allows you to create actions for any area of compliance and manage the outstanding actions through to completion, such as remedial works required from a fire risk assessment or an electrical safety check. You can allocate actions to internal or external teams and set your dashboards to reflect exactly where you are and what is outstanding. In our mind a property is not compliant unless all identified risks are dealt with.

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