Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status
Propeller is the first software company in the UK to be certified carbon-neutral by ClimatePartner and is an approved partner of the APHC.System Status



26th September 2022

On 27th September 2022, important regulatory changes to the Electrical Regulations 2018 come into force.

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 is applicable to all those in the electrical industry in terms of design and installation and also those with responsibility for buildings maintenance.

Specific provisions aimed at improving fire safety are especially important for landlords and contractors working across Higher Risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs, over 18m or six storeys) and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) to ensure compliance.

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) must now be fitted at the origin of any single-phase AC final circuits with rated current up to 32A in HRRBs and HMOs as well as purpose-built student accommodation and care homes. AFDDs act as circuit breakers and can be critical in reducing the risk of fire by identifying fault-based arcs and automatically tripping the power supply to the circuit.

Now, Propeller’s electrical module has been updated to record installation and inspections of AFDDs, and the important role that they play in Fire Risk Assessment.

Propeller Powered is already leading the way in fire door compliance software with the development in 2020 of a new module, Prop-FS, Fire Doors Inspection Software – Propeller Powered, that cuts fire door inspection times by up to 6 times and ensures fully-auditable records updated in real time.

Dave Carr, managing director at Propeller Powered says “The combination of the updates to our electrical module and our fire door compliance module place us firmly at the forefront of supporting Housing Associations and their contractors in meeting the new regulations with a single package.”

AFDDs and more

Additional improvements in the September 2022 release of Propeller’s electrical module include a new User Interface enabling management across two panels for easy switching between the two and one-click updates, as well as changes to how users add, select and modify Consumer units and Circuits.

More drop-down values are also included, to help operatives save time in the field by reducing data entry time across all Electrical certification and applicable fields including OCPD, RCD, Supply Protective Devices, Rated Current and more. What’s more those using the administrative portal can also now access all of the features previously only available to operatives for full transparency at all levels.

The update to Propeller’s Electrical software for both Apple iOS and Android will be released today Monday 26th September for existing clients. In addition to an enhanced feature set incorporating regulatory amends, the update also brings improved user experience and additional Quality of Life features.

For new clients, software can be installed and implemented in a matter of days. To talk about how Propeller can help your organisation to meet the enhanced requirements of BS 7671 Amendment 2, Contact Us – Propeller Powered Telephone 0333 207 0037 or Email

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